1,616 sq. ft.3 bedrooms2 baths3 car garage
Absaroka Valley
1,616 / 1.616 sq. ft.3-5 bedrooms2-1 baths2 car garage
Beartooth Pass
Our Beartooth Pass home is a two story jewel! 2,200 sq. ft.4 bedrooms2.5 baths2-3 car garage
Clarks Fork
Come home to our popular ranch style Clark’s Fork home. 2,127 sq. ft.3-4 bedrooms3 baths2–3 car garage
Clarks Fork Bend
Clark’s Fork Bend 2,236 sq. ft.3-4 bedrooms3 baths3 car garage
East Rosebud
Our East Rosebud home has the widest deck of all our homes. Kick back and enjoy the view! 1,777 sq. ft.3 bedrooms2½ baths2…
A charming, single story home—meet Meeteetse! 1,550 sq. ft.3 bedrooms2 baths3 car garage
Morning Star 900x640 - Morning Star
Morning Star is a spacious two-story design with lots of style! 2,539 sq. ft.4-5 bedrooms3 baths2 car garage
Mystic 900x640 - Mystic
Come see another of our favorite ranch-style homes, Mystic! 1,517 sq. ft.3 bedrooms2 baths2 car garage
Sundance 900x640 - Sundance
Our Sundance home is a single story jewel! 1,270 sq. ft.3 bedrooms2 baths2–3 car garage
Sundance Pass 900x640 - Sundance Pass
Our Sundance home is a single story jewel! 1,538 sq. ft.3 bedrooms2 baths3 car garage
West Fork
West Fork is a two-level home that provides oodles of flexibility! 2,564 sq. ft.4 bedrooms3½ baths2 car garage
Yellowstone 900x640 - Yellowstone
Yellowstone 2,297 sq. ft.3 bedrooms2½ baths2 car garage
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